FAQ & Return Policy

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Q: Can you make me __________?
A: Unfortunately, we cannot accept commissions at this time. We get dozens of commission requests each week, most of which fall under a very small budget. As much as we would like to build everything that you want, we can only set aside so much time from existing projects and orders. When it comes down to it, creating a custom item depends on budget, deadline, shop capabilities, and content. If it's something we've created before or your budget is too low, we're less likely to accept. Use our contact page to get in touch.

Q: Can I buy a suit of armor?
A: We don't sell our suits of armor, nor do we take orders for custom armor. In very special circumstances we make exceptions, e.g. unique projects for game developers or film studios.

Q: When will your Destiny hand cannons restock?
A: We don't mass produce these props. Our hand cannons are all hand made to order and sell out FAST. We don't have a specific date or time that we restock; when a batch of hand cannons is finished and shipped, we relist more. 

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Q: Why does it take so long for my order to ship?
A: Everything is made by hand, to order. We are always working between projects to fulfill orders, and this can delay our progress. Rest assured we will get yours done as soon as possible! Finished hand cannons generally take 10-20 days to ship.

Q: Can you make me a Master Chief suit?
A: No.

Return Policy

We do NOT accept returns, refunds, or exchanges. However, if you have a specific issue, please contact us and let us know.