NOW AVAILABLE: Glow in the Dark Thorn Hand Cannon

Thorn Hand Cannon Replica

Thorn Hand Cannon Replica

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Nothing will make your fireteam saltier than the most notorious weapon of sorrow in real life. 


The orb details on the Thorn are cast with phosphorescent powders that allow them to glow blue/green in the dark. 


  • Magnetic cylinder spins and can be removed
  • Glows in the dark!
  • Solid urethane cold cast for realistic weight
  • Meticulously hand painted and weathered
  • Genuine leather grip
  • Finished model: 15.5" x 7" x 2"

NOTE: This is a prop replica, not a functional weapon and it cannot be modified into a weapon. These replicas are hand made and assembled with utmost attention to detail, then meticulously painted and airbrushed, and weathered to a fine finish. Each piece is unique and is prepared with care. These are ideal for collectors and cosplayers alike!

Orders will be shipped in 6-8 weeks.